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August 25, 2008



In all honesty, Ron Paul is sexy. Something about conspiracy theorists with really pointy chins that just makes my heart flutter.


You guys NEED to do an episode on Subprime mortgages. There is nothing so Bullshit as them. People getting "tricked" into buying a million dollar McMansion on a $50k income. Now Democrats are pulling a pot kettle routine about regulation, apparently not remembering it was their social engineering policies under Clinton where the government literally encouraged banks to lower their standards that got us this mess. Or that there have been attempts over the years to fix them. In 2003 by Ron Paul, in 2005 by McCain, etc.

David M Elfalan Jr

Thank you :)

Mark McNary

I just saw a youtube video that used you guys bashing Obama. Is this how you guys feel?



How about doing one on Palin?


I have no idea where to send ideas for a show... so I am just going to toss it out here:

Fucking AMWAY/QUIXTAR get rich quick schemes, really just a bullshit cult.

Shawn O'Malley

In the movie Zeitgeist, the third part covers how the central banks profit from our government debt. Can you cover this topic in one of your shows. Please explain what is more bullshit. Paying central banks interest on money from people who print our money or the system we had prior to the Fed Reserve formation?

Is it really a good healthy thing for us to use central banks via the federal reserve to borrow money at some fucking bullshit interest when we can print the money ourselves like we did before 1913 when the nice people at the central bank quietly established the FED. This question is especially relevant since we are now amassing the greatest debt our nation has ever seen.

However, if you take the advocate side of the FED then please explain why this system is really better for us than what we had prior to 1913. Also explain the money mechanics theory. I would love to see this. Also use lots of profanity when you make your points-I just love that tough super smart stuff.


So the question is, would we achieve world peace if sexy people fucked more often?

If so, I'm willing to take a few for the team.


"if you take the advocate side of the FED then please explain why this system is really better for us than what we had prior to 1913"

There was no "central bank" before the Fed. The Fed wasn't established by a "central bank", it IS our central bank.

Before the fed we still had some of the same functions carried out, except by guys like Morgan ,who could hold our country hostage whenever it wanted. Which is why Wilson said our country was .. basically hostage to "a few men". You can get rid of the fed, but you cannot get rid of the functions it provides. someone will have to clean up the pieces either way.


I had an idea for a show, or at least one half of a two-for-one episode...the anti-vaccination movement is complete bullshit! It's even more obvious now that US court has ruled that there is no scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism. Despite all the legitimate science, there are still crazy parents who aren't vaccinating their children, causing a resurgence in diseases that were nearly eradicated a decade or two ago. The "scientist" who claimed there was a link between vaccines and autism was recently found to have completely fabricated his conclusion by deliberately misreporting results ( http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article5683671.ece )and measles cases in the U.K. have gone from 112 in 1996 to over 1,000 in 2008, due to the numbers of anti-vaccination parents preventing their child from receiving the vaccine. ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7753210.stm

I'd love to see how you guys handle this kind of show :)


I think the conclusion of "trade" being the solution to world peace is a bit near-sighted. I find your shows are typically well thought out and well argued, but this point fell short of this mark.

Trade and in particular free trade, is used by corporations today to exploit the poor and desperate of the world. Perhaps you can make the argument that this does indeed reduce the incidences of tanks rolling into a field to shoot at another tank, but other forms of violence are being promoted instead. In effect, trade and corporate globalization produces class warfare in exchange of national warfare. The amount of warfare is still the same, it's just shifted intensities around and therefore peace has not really been achieved.

In your show you suggested that you two were better off by internalizing your differences and continuing to partner together. If you had a true conflict though, internalizing your hatred might lead to suicide or stress related disease. You therefore never avoided the conflict, you channeled this energy elsewhere. Again, in society this is transferring national conflicts towards social conflicts.

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I think you guys should do an episode on consumer rating firms such ad J.D. Power and the like. That is, if you can stop spewing your libertarian filth for five seconds.

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There's one thing you just HAVE to do a bullshit episode on... mormonism. These are truly some of the most fucked up, (self)deceiving people on this earth and their dismissiveness and arrogance while fronting, taking copyright on love and understanding, is so infuriating to anyone who's been in contact with it, that it's just.. AAAAAHH FUCK!!Sorry this wasn't the right place to comment, feel free to delete.


Just to say that I don't have anything against individual LDS members. It just hurts to see people like that... I just want them to think critically.. to get out from under the comfortable lies. It's a tragedy to grow up in an environment that intersperses our genuine desires for love and life with nicely wrapped up lies about how to get and hold on to it. This turns people into likeable sociopathic zombies, who are torn up by their interior and exterior worlds until there is nothing left of them as individuals. It's heartwrenching to see someone brought up in that environment. How brainwashed they are and how out of touch with reality.


I want to know if Penn & Teller think the swine flu vaccine is bullshit. If anyone can cut through the media hype, they can!

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Here is nothing so Bullshit as them. People getting "tricked" into buying a million dollar McMansion on a $50k income.

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he Anti-Vietnam people were hot and everybody fucked all the time.

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That made their protests more eye-catching and engaging. Now the sexiest protestor is Ron Paul.

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