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August 11, 2008



In your show 'stranger danger' you stated something that I would like more info on. You said something about more kids being abused in church then by strangers. This seems like it does make sense, but before I throw something out in an agument with freinds, I would like the backing of something more then I saw it on a show called bullshit.
I would really like for you to get back with me, and please do not think that I am some churchie that wants to do harm to your show(not like you would give a shit), but if I might state this, some circles might not believe me and I would like to back it up.
Thank you
And for that matter-it would be great if you guys(or just some intern that works for you) start posting links to where you get some of the info in your shows.

Doug Campbell

I have taught at the high school level for 36 years. I have also coached the Debate team there. Many times I have used Stranger Danger as an example of false logic. My mistake (logically) was that I thought I was alone in my perception. One time I took my son to a Dodger game He was six years old and felt pretty good about himself. He asked if he could go to the bathroom. I asked him if he knew where it was. He said yes. We had been several times before that day. I asked if he had his ticket. Yes. I asked if he knew waht to do if he got lost. Yes. He was probably already frustrated by too many questions. He left. We were in the reserved section. In center seats. He came back within fifteen minutes. He is 31 now and has traveled all over the world. The suprise of this story is when I tell people. They raise their eyebrows and wonder how such a irresponsible father (single parent too) ever raised such a great kid. WOW!!!

Yifei Wu

Hey, I have an idea for a show. I think you guys should investigate methods of healing myopia such as the Bates method.

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Thanks for bringing us to a modern day Walden Pond.

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This seems like it does make sense, but before I throw something out in an agument with freinds, I would like the backing of something more then I saw it on a show called bullshit.


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I still can't get why there are careless people like that. i mean, this issued matter, is much more than concerning and worring, don't you think so?

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